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The Life of Elizabeth Yellman

The life of Elizabeth Yellman. I could write a book (that is on my bucket list) but I know we don't have time toread it this week or we wouldn't accomplish anything. I'll try to shorten mylife in a few days of words. I was born in Cartersville, GA but raised in Jacksonville, FL. I dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and that is when my life began. My first job was as a house cleaner for a company called Mini Maids out of Jacksonville, FL. 
I crawled out of my bedroom windowone fall night in 1991 and never returned home. I slept on the streets somenights and others in abandoned homes.  I lived a very dysfunctional,sexually abused, physically abused and mentally abused life but it made me whoI am today. I survived.
 I met what I thought was an angel and married him a year later at the age of 17 and he was 21. He helped me go back to school to receive my GED and I alsoreceived an Associates Degree as a Medical Assistant. He was in the Navy andafter his enlistment we moved here to Northern Kentucky to be by his family in 1993.I became pregnant with my first child Joshua shortly after so I became a housewife. A year later I had a daughter named Mariah and two years later a sonnamed Jeremiah. I was blessed with three beautiful children from God and thatis how they got their names. I opened the bible and started flipping the pages.I taught Sunday School at Lakeside Christian, sang in the choir, home schooledthe two youngest children and became a foster mother at the age of 23to trouble teenagers, I understood them because I was one of them too. Ithought I found my calling.
My marriage ended after 8 years with physical abuse. I left my husband with a bag of clothes only. I wanted out without a fight. I just wanted to move on. I was an adult now and realizedI married for all of the wrong reasons. The kids and I rented an apartment inFlorence with nothing. We slept on the floors and ate there too for the firstmonth or so. I hadn't worked in all those years so I had no work experience. Itook a temporary job as a Human Resource Assistant with Levi Strauss andCompany. I was a single mom of three, receiving no child support or governmentfunding and $12.50 an hour back then in 2000 barely paid the bills. So Idecided to put myself back through school.
I wanted to own my own business oneday so I went to school to receive my Bachelors in Applied Management in 2009.While I was in school I worked full time and took care of my children as asingle mom. I was determined to be somebody. While I was in school I went from job to job every two years to get the experience I needed to run my own companysomeday. I wasn't even sure at the time what my company was going to be. Iworked in Human Resources, Sales, Accounting, Management, and Business Development.
 In 2001 I met my knight in shiningarmor, my true angel sent from God.............My life changed.........